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Weather & Tides


Weather & Tides
Kahana: Typical Range: Annual Average:

current weather

 Highs 78-87F
84F (29C)
 Lows 64-74F
67F (19C)

Due to coastal and other variations tidal predictions are approximate


There's a saying in Hawaii: 
"If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

Kahana's weather is a wonderful combination of warm and sunny, cloudy and misty. When it rains, the winds coming off the mountains whip it into a delightful, fine mist. No one objects, especially the plumeria, hyacinth and bougainvillia.

Due to it's proximity to the mountains and slightly greater exposure to the prevailing easterly winds, the northwestern side of Maui is slightly cooler and rainier than the rest of Maui. The benefits are many: lush flowering plants, greenery and rainbows. The showers soon pass, and the sun returns.  In the meantime, count the rainbows and make a wish.

Our "air conditioning" is all natural, provided by the abundant Hawaiian trade winds.  So, if you're concerned about the "lack" of man-made air conditioning, don't be.  Our oceanfront climate is beautiful ~ 5 to 10 degrees cooler than "high noon" in Lahaina!"  In fact, you'll feel the difference as you drive up from Lahaina.


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