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Getting to Maui & Kahana
Air and Ground Transportation Shuttle Bus and Public Transportation

There are two airports you can use to get to Maui: Kahului (OGG) from the Mainland and inter-island, and West Maui (JHM) for inter-island only travel.  The following Airlines offer Fly/Drive Packages from the mainland that are great deals. Also, keep an eye out for specials the airlines run occasionally - they can be very good values. Visit their websites or call for more information. The
bolded companies have the best pricing, currently.

The $ ratings are based on typical prices for the respective companies.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

1-800-252-7522 $$
American Airlines

American Airlines

1-800-433-7300 $$-$$$
Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

1-800-221-1212 $$-$$$
Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

1-800-367-5320 $$
United Airlines

United Airlines

1-800-241-6522 $$-$$$
Virgin America

1-877-359-8474 $$
Other airlines may also fly to Maui
from your home airport

Check websites for
Mainland airports served


The airfare pricing machine is like a "black box." We don't really know what's going on inside, except to poke and prod it to see how it reacts. When we do, we sometimes get very different results. Here are some tips to getting the low fare you're looking for:

1) Subscribe to airline emails and stay abreast of "sales" and fare changes that may indicate an upcoming airfare war or at least a skirmish. The airline industry news (not to mention the price of oil) will often hint at a price change coming.

2) Check fares frequently. Fares can change significantly within any given day. Check morning, noon and night. And, if your up, check it at 3 AM you never know! By doing this, you'll be ready to pounce on a fare sale. That's important because the sales are short-lived, and seats are often limited.

3) Erase airline website cookies. Cookies identify your computer to the website, indicating that you've been there before. It may even store information about number and frequency of visits, itineraries searched, and more. We suspect these may be used against us in pricing a particular trip we are searching for. So, when we erase the cookies, we look like a new visitor to the airline website. We've gotten much lower fares with this technique, and other times it makes no difference. Erasing cookies is easy to do, but it can get a bit technical. There are many places on the internet to tell you how to go about it with your particular internet browser.

4) Use Fly-Drive packages, if offered. Sometimes, it's like getting the rental car for free.



1-800-462-5266 $$
Aloha Rent a Car * Aloha Rent a Car 1-877-45-Aloha
(808) 877-4477


1-800-230-4898 $$$
Dollar Dollar 1-800-800-3665 $$


1-800-654-3131 $$$
Maui Rent-A-Car * Maui Rent-A-Car 1-800-533-5929
(808) 877-2436


1-800-CAR-RENT $$
Thrifty ** 1-800-367-2277 $$
* off-airport rental agencies
** website link removed at request of parent company, Hertz (huh??)
When renting a car...
the location of the rental agency can make a big difference in the price.

Airport locations carry a hefty premium in the form of airport fees. Go off-airport to rent your car and save! Plus, they offer free pickup at the airport.

Yes, it may mean you have to forgo the big name rental companies like Hertz and Avis. Then again, maybe not, because some majors have off-airport rental locations, but their off-airport pricing may be the same, or more, as their airport location. In any case, it's definitely worth checking.

Now that you have a car, check out the maps...

Airport Shuttle Services

SpeediShuttle, LLC*
Counter Hours: 9 a.m. til last flight

(877) 242-5777
(808) 242-7777

Hawaii Executive Transportation
Contact through phone board in baggage claim.
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
(800) 833-2303
(808) 669-2300

* ADA accessible
Maui Public Transportation
Maui BusOnly $2 a ride $4 for a Day Pass
Click here for Maui Public Transportation

(808) 871-4838

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